You’re Spending Too Much Money on Your Website

Every business needs a website. Today, it’s become as important – if not more so – than having a brick-and-mortar office or store. It’s central to your marketing efforts, the most effective way to reach new customers, and the key to driving revenue and customer satisfaction. Since it’s so central to the success of your business, it makes sense that it costs you a lot of money, right? Actually, the opposite is true – and chances are that you’re spending too much money on your website!

Become a more aware website consumer

The biggest problem is that for most people who want a website, there’s very little awareness of what a good cost is. Now, that’s understandable – after all, you’re going to specialists because this isn’t your area of expertise. It’s a bit like going to a mechanic when you don’t have a lot of knowledge about cars, so you’re working on trust. But there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there! In fact, we’ve worked with dozens of clients who have gotten quotes in the thousands of dollars for websites we’ve then made for a fraction of the price.

Here’s what you can do to help avoid this costly crisis

  • Get a good idea of what you need your website to do – Outline the most important functions of your website as well as some nice-to-have features. Maybe you want e-commerce capabilities first, and then custom imagery or visual effects too as a secondary option. Maybe you are in a highly regulated industry and need strong data protection and compliance built into the website, but you’d also like to run a blog. By having a list of priorities, you avoid being upsold to features that you don’t need. 

  • Get lots of quotes – Don’t go with the first quote you get! At Digital Freak, we’re happy to supply you with a no-obligation quote so you can compare it to any other digital agency you want. This will give you a much better idea of how expensive your website will really be and help prevent instances where you’re getting taken advantage of. 

  • Go for value and service excellence – At the same time, don’t just look at cost. Your nephew may promise to whip up a website in between surf sessions, but a good website service is what you actually need. Look for fast, reliable communication, a partner who works to understand your business and what you want to achieve, and who will ensure your website keeps running smoothly. You’ll need someone who knows how to make it rank well so you get found on Google easily, that can supply great content as well as imagery and functionality, and who delivers a high-quality product on time. Your website is much more than an online information portal – it needs to be user-friendly, bug-free, SEO-optimised, fast loading, and capable of delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Need a partner who understands how websites need to work to bring in business? Our teams cover every digital marketing service you need, from web design and email marketing to PPC and social media marketing. From affordable one-page websites to complex projects, we do it all! We’re here to give you a digital marketing strategy that works – no fuss, no big price tags, and no so-called quick fixes – just good marketing done right.

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