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Payment Facilitators: A Painless Approach to Handle Chargebacks in Your Small Business

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If chargebacks are a pain in the neck, then perhaps you should consider a different approach.

Payment facilitators (PF) or PayFacs are the retailers’ new favorite because they are an easy way to access merchant services without having to deal with the many parties involved in processing payments.

In essence, they create one mega merchant account that hosts many retailers. The PF overlooks all the payments, and works to straighten all payment processing problems— including chargebacks which is a sticking point among small business owners.

A chargeback is when a customer makes a payment, later disputes it, and convinces the issuing bank to reverse it. It is more like reversing a complete transaction.

A customer can request a reverse charge for a couple of reasons. For instance, a card owner might deny that they approved the payment, or they may file a claim when they aren’t impressed by an item or service, and the retailer won’t listen to their plea.

The consumer registers a complaint with their issuing bank, which then forwards it—through the linked card brand like Visa, MasterCard— to the acquirer or acquiring bank.

The acquirers look into the transaction, and its legitimacy of the claim by asking the retailer to show the necessary credentials.

In the end, the retailer should be liable for the sum of the transaction. The acquirer pays the amount if the merchant fails for whatever reason.

The Critical Role of PayFacs

A PayFac can make the chargeback process less painful for a retailer … Read the rest

Tips For Getting Your Home Sold Easily

Selling a house isn’t simple nowadays. The more significant part of us can recall to the mid-2000s when property estimations were expanding by twofold digits yearly and at times, even month to month. Those days are gone-in any event for a long time to come. Even in the present market, the land is selling. Individuals are as yet moving around, and a decent realtor can also now get a home sold. The key is making your home one of those that gets sold. Look at Sell my house fast jacksonville for more information about trusted house buyers in Jacksonville, FL.

One of the primary activities when getting ready to sell your house is to locate the correct realtor. You’re taking a gander at various factors here. How much commission they earn is continuously a major one. Additionally, what is their reputation on selling comparable properties in your general vicinity? Do they truly know your neighborhood? Is it true that they are accessible to you? Would you be able to work with them? These are, for the most part, addresses you have to inquire about.


When you’ve discovered the correct real estate agent, it’s an excellent opportunity to get the home fit as a fiddle for a deal. The inside should be looking it’s absolute best. To achieve this, you have to make a point to do all minor fixes your spending will permit. The exact opposite thing you need is glaring deformities for home purchasers to take a gander … Read the rest