Extreme Couponing: Clever Saving or Organized Hoarding?

Extreme Couponing: Clever Saving or Organized Hoarding?

So after watching the new TLC show “Extreme Couponing”, I’ve been doing some research about different ways to save money on groceries. Turns out there’s a lot of information to be found to maximize savings at the check-out counter.

But at what point does the quest to save money become unhealthy? I think it’s when you have over 1,400 rolls of toilet paper under your child’s bed, yet you keep buying toilet paper simply because you have coupons. Actually, I think it becomes unhealthy long before that point, but that’s just me.

I mean, who really needs 1,400+ rolls of toilet paper, 200+ boxes of cereal, or 1,700+ sticks of deodorant? And is it really saving money if you’ll never use it? Sure, getting a huge bottle of mustard for 39 cents is a great savings, but will anyone really use 77 jars of it?

And where do they get all these bioptimizerscouponcode.com coupons anyway? Even if I dive into every recycling bin in town I doubt I’ll score enough coupons for this type of shopping trip. But I have heard that some people actually pay for their coupons! Could someone please explain to me how this figures into saving money? I mean if you’re spending money to save money on something you don’t need, why not save that first money and not stock up like some cold war doomsayer.

Let someone else who has a coupon for that item, who will use it, save some money. Or if you insist on buying it, donate it. And not just the mustard, but all of it that’s just too much for one family to use before it can go bad.

So, dear readers, please weigh in. At what point does the idea of saving money become ridiculous? Is it when you buy an extra pack of toilet paper when it’s on sale, when you stock up on chicken at a good price, or when you have to install special shelving units in the kids’ playroom to accommodate a food bank’s worth of chicken noodle soup?

Would you buy more than your family could use or would ever use just because it’s on sale? And what would you do with the overage? Keep it? Donate it? Have a bargain price yard sale? (Would that even be legal?) Finally Dump it? But seriously, what do you think of all of this extreme couponing stuff?

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