Creating A Polished And Professional Car Wash Business Plan

Many full time workers looking for a turnkey business opportunity are drawn to businesses such as car washes.

After all, at least from a distance, these businesses seem to practically run themselves, with little for the owner to do but stock the supplies and collect the cash.

The reality is quite a bit different, and the first step to creating an enterprise is creating a polished and professional car wash business plan.

Why It Is Important To Create A Strategy?

It is important to create strategy before the first car enters the new business, especially since starting up such a business can be quite an expensive undertaking.

If the car wash business is already established, it can take quite a bit of cash up front to purchase it, and in order to raise the cash for it a solid plan can help.

A properly prepared plan is the key.

Start Your Business From Scratch

If it is built from scratch, startup funding will be needed to buy a suitable lot, build all the buildings, or fix an existing building, put in all the equipment and buy all the initial supplies.

Again, any lenders or investors will look to the business plan before making a final decision. It is easy to see, why it is such an important document.

It is the document you will need to show to all of your potential lenders.

Thing You Will Need To Include In Your Plan

It should include a number of different kinds of information, such as the location or proposed car wash, the traffic volume for the site, the proposed costs for car washes, waxes and various other services, and the cost of the supplies needed to run the business.

The car wash business plan should also include information on the cost of water, no doubt a significant part of the operating expenses.

In the event the plan is being prepared for a business that already exists, it is important to detail the current volume of business and the monthly operating cash flow as well.

Thriving In A Competitive Business Environment

It is also important for it to assess the level of competition for the car wash. Many major markets already have a number of established businesses, both full service and self-service.

It is important that it go into detail about what will make the new business unique, and how it will thrive in such a competitive business environment.

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