Everything You Need to Know About FAQ Videos

Everything You Need to Know About FAQ Videos

August 23, 2022·6 min read

If you’re looking to save time for your sales reps and make discovery more self-serve for your buyers, it’s time to invest in FAQ videos.

FAQ videos aren’t exactly a new concept. Long used by customer support and experience teams, they help cut down on the back and forth answering your customers’ most frequently asked questions. And are available on-demand and completely self-serve.

We’re seeing an opportunity to leverage the concept of an FAQ video, or what the Vidyard team likes to refer to as an “80% video,“ earlier in the buyer’s journey to help save a ton of time for all those involved in research or buying decisions.

Read on to learn what an FAQ (or 80%) video is about. And, as marketers, why we should produce this content for our sales teams—asap.

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  1. Contents
  2. 1. What are FAQ Videos?
  3. 2. Benefits of Producing an 80% Video
  4. 3. Best Practices for Creating an FAQ Video
  5. 3.1 Find the Right Questions to Answer
  6. 3.2 Feature Employees to Deliver the Message
  7. 3.3 Leverage a Video Platform
  8. 3.4 How Long Should FAQ Videos Be?
  9. 4. FAQ Video Distribution Channels
  10. 4.1 Sales Conversations
  11. 4.2 Additional Distribution Channels for FAQ Videos
  12. 5. Have 80% of your Questions on FAQ Videos Been Answered?

What are FAQ Videos?

How much does your solution cost? Do you offer customization services? What tools do you integrate with? These are just a sample of what your reps may hear on the reg—or the most frequently asked questions they get from prospective customers.

Creating FAQ videos is easy to help cut down on the back and forth and save your sales teams a ton of time. But what are they? As they sound, FAQ videos are a type of video that aims to answer the most common questions about your product or solution.

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