eXfuze MLM Business Review – Opportunity Or Scam?

eXfuze is a health and wellness network marketing company that produces a juice product and an income opportunity.  They have created a lot of buzz with their product, and we will be reviewing  to see if eXfuze is a great opportunity or another business to be ignored.

To start, the company was developed like many network marketing companies; it started as a family business, a grew up from there.  Don Cotton and Rick Cotton are experienced networkers with lost of professional c-suite experience in non-networking operations as well.  Their flagship product is the eXfuze juice, which is a super-food combination of acai, noni, goji, mangosteen, with 3 other fruit juices as well.  Several network marketing companies offer “super juices” that contain one or two of those fruits, but this is the first we have seen that crams them all into one product.

The product is similarly priced with other super-juice products, ringing in at $45 per bottle.  It costs nothing to start a business, and a rep can simply wholesale the product for thirty dollars and pocket the difference.  They also use a binary compensation plan – also utilized by other juice companies.

Their product gets rave reviews, and they have documentation that supports how effective the product is in enhancing health and well-being.  The real challenge is the marketing plan that goes with the product.  Like many other companies, they recommend you focus on selling product to friends and family members, and other people in your warm market.  This is a limiting marketing plan, as most people only have so many people in their sphere of influence.

There are several ways to expand beyond simple “warm marketing” by targeting a market based on their interest with better health, and simply play match-maker between the product and the people looking for it.  There are several tools to do that, and one of the easiest is the Internet. 

The Internet runs on keywords, and you can use a combination of SEO, PPC, and social media to target keywords that indicate people are searching for the benefits that eXfuze offers.  This is a  much more targeted and systematic approach than chasing friends and family members, or handing out “free” samples that cost $45 a pop.

To sum up, eXfuze can be a great, viable opportunity if you take the time to market properly, and build systems that focus on long-term growth that bring people to you daily, ready to do business. If you just focus on selling to friends and family members, expect limited results.

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