How to know if your Marketing Strategy is targeting the right audience?

How to know if your Marketing Strategy is targeting the right audience?

An organisation’s target market is the subset of the general public most likely to purchase the company’s goods or services. Companies often tailor their targeting processes to customers based on gender, age, career, geographic area, and socioeconomic position. 

Saving time and money by zeroing down on the correct demographic is a common approach. However, constructing a buyer persona is the most effective strategy for determining whom to market to. The target market’s ideal representation, or “buyer persona,” is the target market itself.

Now that your marketing plan is live let’s figure out how to evaluate its performance. In other words, it’s having the desired effect on the right people.

  1. You have a solid marketing plan

As a first step, if you follow the instructions above, you will reach your intended demographic. On the other hand, their mode of data dissemination is a point of contention. You are marketing your information via the channels where your intended audience will see it will put your miles ahead of the competition. It would be a waste of resources to advertise your goods to someone without the intention of buying them.

  1. You are setting a benchmark

If you keep tabs on how well your marketing strategy is doing, you may tweak it and make it even more effective the next time you use it. Because you can now see where you went wrong, you can be confident that you will be at a loss on how to better your next strategy. It is also essential to monitor where your consumers are getting their information. For instance, if most of your sales come from Amazon, you shouldn’t invest many resources into eBay marketing. This means that you need to monitor the sources of your leads.

  1. Increased sales

In terms that are more understandable to the average person, a rise in sales indicates that you are successfully engaging the target demographic. You have done a fantastic job creating a buyer persona, and the traits your buyer persona need are genuinely being provided by the product you sell.

  1. ‘Word of Mouth: One of the sources of leads

Having someone come to you because someone else recommended you is a massive step towards building brand loyalty. The only natural barrier to establishing brand loyalty is the information gap between consumers and companies. However, customers will begin to have faith in your brand once they have even the barest of information regarding the reliability of your products. As an example, McDonald’s is a reliable fast-food option no matter where you are in the globe.

This is the philosophy behind fundamental human values. Shalom H. Schwartz is the one who came up with this idea, which combines aspects of cross-cultural psychology with universal values. This theory expands upon previously established frameworks for cross-cultural communication, such as Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory. 

These are a collection of ten fundamental principles that must be included in developing a product before it can be put on the market. These are the ten essential qualities that every consumer looks for in a product, regardless of the item they buy. You can target the appropriate audience more effectively if you have a good knowledge of each of these values. However, although it is essential to comprehend them, it is also necessary to put them into practice and model your goods or services appropriately.

  1. You’re implementing SEO effectively:

It will work in your favour if you are aware of the information that members of your target audience search for on the internet. You might use such keywords in the text of your marketing plan or on the website you run for your business. This will assist you in developing more statistics on your website using Google Analytics. You will naturally attract more paying clients if more people visit your website. This would happen effortlessly.

Knowing the ins and outs of the marketing industry will only advance you further in your business journey. However, asking the right people to buy your product is a must. Creating a buyer persona by conducting internal research, like collecting reviews, monitoring the sales performance of your competitors, and trying to know your competitor’s marketing strategy, would let you understand the right way of proceeding further.


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