Kinderdance Franchise Opportunity Review – Kinderdance Franchise Facts

Kinderdance Franchise Opportunity Review – Kinderdance Franchise Facts

Do you enjoy working with children? If you are in search of such a business, this review will outline a very popular company. This Kinderdance Franchise Review explores basic information of this business and investments related to it.

Background: Kinderdance was founded in 1979 by Carol Kay Harsell. Its main office is in Florida. The company started offering franchisee in 1985. Now it has more than 110 franchises in United States. The Kinderdance Franchise offers an innovative program that focuses on education through dance. The idea of the activity is to offer different activities like motor development, Gymnastics and fitness programs mixed together with education that is numbers colors, words, songs and shapes to educate children of the age group 2-12 through the program. As well as other unique and innovative programs that assist in early childhood education.

Benefits of a Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. Franchise: Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. is a fast growing company in the United States. It is engaged in working in an interesting and different area of children education. It offers a great business opportunity for people who like to work with children. As a Kinderdance Franchise owner you can start your own business that has great opportunity in your area. It is home based business with many benefits. Some benefits of the franchise include:

· It is a home based business with very low investments and low overheads. You can work with children, which is perfect for those who like to work with children.

· There is no night work as well as weekend working requirements.

· Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. offers finance assistance for its franchises.

· It provides systematic programs including all activities like dance, Gymnastics, and fitness programs to its franchises.

· As a Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. Franchise, you can receive comprehensive training. It gives ongoing support and marketing aid for your business.

· The Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. Franchise has very simple business procedures and one can start it part time with 1-2 employees.

There are many opportunities to grow your business through child care centers, pre-schools, and other schools.

Investments required: The franchise fee ranges from $12,000 to $40,000. The ongoing royalty fee is 6-12%. The terms of agreement is for ten years and is renewable. The cash liquidity requires $14,950. With the availability of finance assistance, one can own Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. Franchise investing small amounts.

Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. is engaged in offering dance and education programs for the children of age group 2-12. The programs are designed with combination of Gymnastics, dance and fitness program along with songs, numbers, colors and other educational aspects for educating children with dance activities. This is a vast industry of around $28 billion. Individuals who enjoy working with children can definitely benefit with Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. Franchise Review as opposed to choosing a business in a different field. Kinderdance Int’l. Inc. provides all training and marketing support however, as with any business it is up to the business owner to successfully grow their business.

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