Realme Five Pro – A Comprehensive Smartphone Review

Realme 5 Pro is basically a high-end smartphone in the Chinese firm resume. It is a mid-budget smartphone that offers great value for money. The Realme 5 Pro has a beautiful 5.5 inch capacitive display and a nice dual camera on the rear, which will allow you to take great pictures and videos. The phone has two different SIM cards – a standard one for UK users and a microSD slot for international users.

This phone is available from many retailers online, including Amazon. There is also an offline store in India. When ordering online, it’s worth checking out the company’s returns policy, as you obviously don’t want to return your phone due to a fault that wasn’t obvious when you bought it. The phone is also compatible with the Google Android Kit Kat 4.4, so you should be able to use most Google Android applications right out of the box.

One of the phone features that sets this phone apart from other handsets is the Internet availability. Realme 5 Pro comes with a data card slot, which means you can access the internet via your mobile phone without having to pay any extra cash for using Wi-Fi. The phone also supports GPRS, which means if you’re travelling abroad you’ll be able to get a signal even on a non-standard data network, which is handy.

The realme 5 pro also has a number of phone features that are aimed at those who use their phones for more than just net surfing and sending text messages. For example, it supports the Google ecosystem, which is ideal if you frequently use the internet for shopping or social networking. The phone also provides OTT VoIP, which is great for those who use Skype or other similar services, as well as Google Talk.

Unique Features

In addition to all these services, the Realme 5 Pro also provides a number of unique features that most other smartphones don’t have. For example, the phone allows you to control several devices via a single login, meaning you can use your phone as a remote control for your home theatre system, game consoles and television. The phone also provides an integrated camera, allowing you to take photos and videos with your device. This functionality makes the phone ideal for anyone who wants to capture quality videos and images. And if you’re into the outdoors, you can also use the phone’s GPS to turn up directions, weather details and place names.

Despite the features of this smartphone, the Realme five doesn’t have the wow factor that many people look for in their phone. Its looks are fairly plain compared to some of its competitors, including the LG Evo and the HTC Desire. However, the phone’s durability and battery life make up for the lack of cutting edge looks. And when you compare it to other leading smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android devices, the Realme 5 Pro really comes off as a solid, dependable choice. When you combine excellent value for money with impressive features, the Realme Five Pro really is one of the best smart phone deals around.