Upgrade Your Website’s Look and Feel With Framework+

Upgrade Your Website’s Look and Feel With Framework+

If you’ve explored our HubSpot CMS theme options and haven’t found the right one, you’re in luck. The latest addition to our asset marketplace listings, Framework+, takes our current Framework theme and adds to it.

More functionality? Check. ✅

More customization options? Check. ✅

Easy to use and implement? Check and check. ✅✅

Take a look at what you get with this upgraded theme, available for $99 through the end of December 2022.

What is the Upgraded CMS Hub Theme Framework+?

Framework+ is a paid version of the Framework theme that contains 14 new modules, 14 new sections, and five new templates to further customize and build your website to your needs. If you already use Framework, purchasing Framework+ does not integrate the new content into your free theme. You’ll use Framework+ as a separate theme. However, you can convert your existing theme templates to Framework+ and then use any new modules, saved sections, or templates — which our team is happy to help you with!

Just like Framework, all of Framework+’s modules, saved sections, and templates require no knowledge of code, so anyone in your company can create and edit webpages as needed. You will receive all the same functionality as Framework, but in total, you will gain access to 16 templates, 48 drag-and-drop modules, and 14 saved sections that have page accessibility and responsiveness built in. You can work with the following:


  • About
  • About – Gallery [+ only]
  • Blog Post
  • Blog Listing
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Listing
  • Contact
  • Flex
  • Home
  • Home – Promo [+ only]
  • Home – Showcase [+ only]
  • Landing
  • Landing – eBook [+ only]
  • Landing – Webinar [+ only]
  • Pricing
  • System

Saved Sections

  • Call-to-Action Banner
  • Call-to-Action Banner – Accent [+ only]
  • Call-to-Action Banner – Centered [+ only]
  • Call-to-Action Banner – Centered – Accent [+ only]
  • Call-to-Action Link [+ only]
  • Callout Text
  • Checkmark List
  • Countdown Banner [+ only]
  • FAQ with Left Header
  • Featured Items [+ only]
  • Featured Items – Text Only [+ only]
  • Gallery Quote [+ only]
  • Hero – Case Study
  • Hero – Overhanging Content
  • Hero – Showcase [+ only]
  • Hero – Simple Image [+ only]
  • Manual Related Resources
  • Project Info
  • Quote
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • Registration Banner [+ only]
  • Simple Text
  • Simple Text with Image
  • Speakers [+ only]
  • Stats – Text [+ only]
  • Subscription Banner – Accent Background
  • Subscription Banner – Medium Light Background
  • Testimonials Slider
  • Testimonials Static
  • Two Column Checklist [+ only]
  • Two Column Image Right
  • Two Columns Text


  • Back to Top
  • Blog Post Author
  • Blog Featured Posts
  • Blog Listing
  • Call-to-Action Box
  • Call-to-Action Cards [+ only]
  • Case Study Slider
  • Collapsible Text
  • Comparison Table
  • Complex Pricing Comparison [+ only]
  • Countdown [+ only]
  • Counter
  • Feature Cards
  • Feature Items
  • Full-Width Two Columns
  • Hero – Blog Post
  • Hero – Contact
  • Hero – eBook [+ only]
  • Hero – Two Column
  • Hero – Webinar [+ only]
  • Indexing and Social SEO [+ only]
  • Logos
  • Masonry Gallery [+ only]
  • Page Navigation
  • Pricing Boxes
  • Progress Bar
  • Quote [+ only]
  • Related Resources
  • Resource Cards Slider [+ only]
  • Resource Grid [+ only]
  • Resource Listing
  • Schema [+ only]
  • Show/Hide Content
  • Site Header
  • Social Follow
  • Social Sharing
  • Tabbed Content
  • Tabbed Slider [+ only]
  • Team Listing
  • Testimonials Cards Slider [+ only]
  • Testimonials Full-Width Slider [+ only]
  • Testimonials Slider
  • Testimonials Static
  • Text and Image Columns
  • Theme Buttons
  • Theme Form
  • Theme Image
  • Theme Rich Text

Features of The CMS Hub Theme Framework+

Framework+ was built with the SaaS and tech industry in mind, so many of the modules, like the complex comparison chart, are appealing to businesses in that sector. But thanks to its flexibility, anyone can use it, no matter what their business does. Take a look at some of our favorite features.

Modules & Customization

Framework+ lets you use as many drag-and-drop modules as you need across your pages. Choose colors, text, layout, borders, box elements, background color, and more. Any visual element, whether a module or saved section, can be altered to your liking, including things like:

  • Box borders
  • Drop shadows
  • Mouse-over effects
  • Icons
  • Layout options
  • Dark/light modes
  • CTAs
  • Tabs
  • Padding
  • Lists – bullet type, spacing, and bullet colors
  • Image fit and number
  • Aspect ratios
  • Video play button colors

Additionally, Framework+ comes with an indexing and social SEO module which allows you to control the crawling and indexing of your site. You update the robot indexing and social meta for all your webpages using the module, ensuring only the right pages appear in SERPs!

Global and Individual Page Settings

With Framework+, you don’t have to make the same change again and again. Instead, you can make sweeping, flexible changes in just a few seconds. Global settings, like width, colors, buttons, borders, website headers and footers, and box shadows, ensure every page has the same look and feel without editing every page manually. Though, if you want to update pages individually, you can do that through individual page settings.

Marketing Schema

Standing out in the crowded SaaS or tech industry — or any industry, really — requires going the extra mile. Framework+’s schema modules can help. This module allows you to add organization, event, product, job posting, or blog posting schema to your pages helping Google create rich snippets from your webpage content for better searchability

Content-Specific Templates

Give your events, webinar, eBooks, and other premium content the attention it deserves using Framework+’s specialized landing page templates. With complete design flexibility over text, images, forms, and other unique drag-and-drop modules, it’s easy to highlight your upcoming conference or gated eBook!

Download Framework+ Today

For a theme that has the functionality and customization you need to create a branded website in just a few hours, choose Framework+. It’s flexible, packed with options, and built with care by HubSpot experts. Download it today for $99 by heading to the HubSpot asset marketplace.

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