What Are The Benefits Of SSD Reseller Hosting?

SSD Hosting: Learn About The Advantages | SSD Hosting Explained

When you talk about web hosting providers, there are large companies that own the infrastructure required to offer hosting services and resellers who purchase resources from these companies and sell hosting packages to their clients. A Reseller Hosting provider offers reseller plans that have adequate resources to help start a web hosting business along with White Label support allowing resellers to start a new brand. Also, when you are choosing the reseller plan, it is important to think about the OS you need, like Windows or Linux, as well as the storage drive – HDD or SSD. 

Today, we will talk about SSD Reseller Hosting plans and share their benefits.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a way to enter the web hosting industry without investing in the infrastructure or manpower required for the same. Web Hosting Resellers purchase hosting resources from a parent hosting provider, create packages, and sell them to their clients. While choosing the reseller plan, you need to choose the operating system (Windows or Linux) and HDD/SSD-based servers based on your requirements of your clients.

Benefits of SSD Reseller Hosting

When you resell web hosting, you function as a host to your clients. Hence, the performance of their websites relies on the hosting packages offered by you. In recent times, many resellers have started opting for the best Linux Reseller Hosting plans with Solid State Drives (SSD) to leverage the benefits as described below:

1. Better Performance & Speed

Solid State Drives use microchips to store data. On the other hand, in Hard Disk Drives (HDD), there is a metallic disk with a magnetic coating that rotates and an arm that stores/retrieves data. Therefore, SSDs read/write data at a much faster speed than HDDs. Hence, SSD Reseller Hosting plans offer better performance to you and your clients.

2. More reliability

HDDs have physically moving parts that are prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, there are no parts that physically move in SSDs. Hence, SSDs are more reliable than HDDs, making SSD Reseller Hosting plans more reliable too.

3. Uses less power

Since an HDD needs the metal disk to rotate every time it wants to store or retrieve data, its power requirements are high. In comparison, SSDs use microchips for the same. Hence, the power usage in SSDs is lower than in HDDs. This makes SSD Reseller Hosting plans more power-efficient.

As you can see, SSD Reseller Hosting plans offer better speeds, performance, and reliability compared to HDD Reseller Hosting plans. This can be a great addition to your service offering since your clients can leverage the benefits as highlighted above. 

However, before choosing the Reseller Hosting plan, assess the requirements of your clients and select accordingly.

If you are confused between Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting, check out the following video that highlights the benefits of Linux OS:

Summing Up

Remember, as a Hosting Reseller, your clients will rely on you to ensure the optimum performance of their site. Also, the web hosting industry is highly competitive, and to establish a name it is important to offer hosting packages that perform optimally. With SSDs, you can ensure that you offer the best hosting services to your clients.