What it’s like to be a super Amazon reviewer

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Suppose you want to achieve the Top Amazon Reviewer position. In just a few years, you can achieve the status effortlessly. A lot of people ask, “How can I be Amazon’s top reviewer?” 

After a year of gradually improving your review rank to 10,000, You can now earn hundreds of dollars in free, heavily discounted products every month.

Are you ready to begin giving your honest opinions on a product in exchange for free stuff, or would you instead figure out how to get reviews on Amazon- 6 methods?

If you’re still determined to become an Amazon reviewer, here’s what you need to do. 

1. Create an Amazon account 

Ensure to link the account to an email address you visit often and your detailed information in the account profile. 

List the kind of products of your preference. You don’t necessarily have to use your real photo or full name

 2. Download the Amazon app 

 Download the Amazon app for your mobile phone. 

The app has a barcode reader, so finding the products you have is more accessible.

 If you are looking to purchase something to evaluate, a lot of companies always combine new product releases with sales offers and coupons.

 3. Begin writing reviews

Write honest and unbiased reviews of the products you’ve tested already.

Ensure your grammar and spelling are correct

4. Think about the product questions

 If you can’t think of the questions to write, just imagine you’re a customer. This will greatly help you.Sincerely try to help the customer decide if this is the right product for them. 

 5. Check how many reviews you have so far 

 If there are a lot of existing reviews, no one will most likely read your

 If a product has little or no reviews, it has a better chance of getting noticed.

 The only way your ranking will improve is when you receive “helpful votes” from clients who think you’ve helped them to make a better decision about the product they purchased

 6 Examine the types of items you want to get for free 

 For instance, When you start reviewing many health products, you’re most likely to receive inquiries from companies selling supplements even before you’re a top reviewer.

 If you constantly review the same items over and over, you will become an “expert” in the area. 

 7. Pay attention to product release dates 

 Most companies release at least two new products weeks to advance, even before they are put up for sale on Amazon. The faster you post your reviews, the higher the chances of getting a “useful vote.” from your someone.

 8. Update your account often.

As you update your account, avoid flooding it with reviews. 

 If your “helpful votes” are more than reviews, then your ranking increases. 

 If you write a lot of reviews before getting the “helpful votes,” it will actually be more difficult to improve your rankings. 

 9. Create review-driven social media accounts 

 Start social media accounts dedicated to your reviews on Amazon. 

Most Companies search for reviewers based on gender, age, gender, and the social media platforms they follow. 

Once you’re already a Top Reviewer, most companies will mostly request and sometimes ask you to contact them on multiple social media platforms. The more costly the product, the more advertising organizations will want you on their team for free. 

 10. Be honest 

 You must disclose if you have an item for free. This is one of the rules of the Federal Trade Commission, and Amazonenforces it. 


Will you become one of the super reviewers? 

It may look like a lengthy process, but it will eventually be worth it if you accept the challenge. 

Being one of Amazon’s top reviewers might not pay bills, but getting free stuff will save you a lot of money.