What’s to Know About Custom Two Stone Engagement Ring

The engagement has been traditionally practiced where men propose to their partner with a diamond engagement ring. This has been carried to our modern times and is still being practiced until now. That’s what jewelry stores are continuously producing the best engagement rings they can create to satisfy every customer’s desire on how their engagement ring would look like. Most engagement rings possess one stone but jewelers have been modifying rings and now they can create engagement rings with two or more stones! Custom Two Stone Engagement Ring has been one of the creations being promoted nowadays to be selected by men to offer to their partner as an engagement ring. 

Characteristics of a 2 Stone Engagement Ring

It is Unique

Since engagement rings are famous for having only one center stone but if you choose two stone diamond engagement rings then you can make your partner’s engagement ring special. The 2 stone diamond engagement ring had started to get popular in the 21st century. This type of engagement ring possesses two center stones and can even be accessories with smaller stones around it or on the shank of the ring. Here are some designs of a Custom Two Stone Engagement Ring

  • Two Stone Engagement Rings Antique

Since the two stone engagement rings have been existing since the 21st century, antique designs have been carried out up to now. Women who love old fashioned design would surely love this.  Metals for antique engagement ring vary from yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Designs come in many varieties and they can even be customized according to the design you desire. 

  • Two Stone Solitaire Diamond Ring

For the two stone solitaire diamond ring the two stones can stand out because of their plain band. The solitaire setting can be plain but good to use to be able to enhance the beauty of the center stone, especially if there are two stones on your engagement ring. 

  • Two-Stone Moissanite Engagement Rings

The Two stone moissanite engagement rings are known to symbolize promises made by two people. The moissanite stone is often mistaken as a diamond but it is not, it is also one kind of gemstone. It has a more colorful spark compared with the diamond.

  • Forever us 2 Stone Diamond Ring

The concept of forever us 2 stone diamond ring is each stone on the ring represents something. One stone represents your best friend and the other one represents our love. It is common for couples to start as friends then, later on, become best friends and then soon lovers. This ring shows that your best friend and your true love can be one person who will be your future wife. Giving this to your partner will let her know that she is your best friend and your forever love. 


The shape and size for Custom Two Stone Engagement Ring can vary according to the shape you wish for your engagement ring. The ideal one should have the same size and shape so it can complement each other. You can also opt to put accent stones around it or on the side of the band. 

Stone colors

Since you will be having two center stones you have to choose what color you would want to use, if you are using diamonds the same color grade will be ideal or you can choose different shades but very close to each other to avoid too much contrast. However, If you choose another gemstone, you can pick a color that your partner wants or you can ask your jeweler for a perfect color combination to be able to bring out the beauty of your center stone.  

Two stone engagement ring settings come in many designs that you can choose from, Another good thing about it is that you can customize the design you want, you can create a design that can perfectly fit your partner’s preference with Custom Two Stone Engagement Ring as your model. By having a model you can easily come up with an idea on how to enhance the beauty of your two stone engagement ring. Rings with more than one stone can be better since they can be more eye-catching just imagine comparing one stone engagement ring to a Custom Two Stone Engagement Ring or even to a two tone three stone diamond ring. There are so many for sale custom two stone engagement rings in Dallas, Texas that you can choose from, in case you need one, just visit Shira Diamonds store.